black and white picI am passionate about the field of analytics but I am also a person who thrives on interaction, communication and social sciences in general. Throughout my professional and academic life, I have thrived on collaborating with colleagues and in leading projects and educating peers.

I have a Ph.D. in Sociology and subject matter expertise in analytics with extensive hands-on experience spanning academia, the business world and the public sector. I apply analytics to “real world” situations to drive increased productivity and efficiency across diverse industry segments.

As a Risk Management Analyst at the NYC Department of buildings, I specialize in developing algorithms that speed up the delivery of analytical products, predictive modeling, and visual analytics. I apply a broad array of cutting edge methods to analytical projects such as exploratory data analysis, machine learning, linear and logistic regression, time-series analysis,  and social network and geo-spatial analysis.

I am proficient with cutting edge software tools such as python for cleaning and pivoting data, R for statistical modeling and Tableau for visual analytics.

My current and prior professional experience has provided me the skills to present data and findings in a clear, coherent way. This includes extensive experience with writing and communicating research findings for supervisors and at meetings, and creating visually oriented education material for software companies.